Brit Valley Way

The Brit Valley Way and Brit Valley Circular Walk

Brit Valley Way – way mark

The Brit Valley Way is an eleven mile route from West Bay on the coast up to Chedington, north of Beaminster.

It takes you from the cliffs of the Jurassic Coast, through floodplains and grassy pastures, past Netherbury to Beaminster.  It enters Beaminster Square via Mary Wells Street and leaves via Fleet Street, rising quite steeply up to Buckham Down where there are panoramic views to the sea. From here the route  continues to Wynyards Gap, near Chedington, where the River Brit rises and flows south.

The Brit Valley Way can be taken in stages by a series of 6 circular walks along its length.


Brit Valley Circular Walk – way mark for a woodland circular walk at Wynyards Gap

Brit Valley Circular Walk – way mark for circular walks from the River Brit in Beaminster


Brit Valley Circular Walk – way mark for a circular walk just north of Beaminster. The paw mark may refer to badger sets.


Brit Valley Way, Brit Valley Circular Walks and Beaminster ramblers Millennium Walk way marks on a gate post