Trails Passing Through Beaminster

There are several well known walking trails in West Dorset that pass either through  Beaminster or along Buckham Down, which overlooks the town from the Northeast.

They include:

The Brit Valley Way and Brit Valley Circular Walk

The Hardy Way

The Jubilee Trail

The Monarch’s Way

The Wessex Ridgeway Trail

All the walks have way marks, which are strategically placed on stiles, gates, posts or lamp posts along the walks.

Often there are several way marks on the same post

(Brit Valley Circular Walk, Millennium Walk, Dorset County Council walk and bridleways).

Other way marks are also found, including the following:




Walks recognised by the County Council




Bridleways recognised by the County Council




 “This path is not a public right-of-way, but walkers are normally allowed to use it by permission of the landowner, and at their own risk”.


Further information can be obtained by clicking the link – permissive routes