The Leland Trail

This 28 mile route starts from near Longleat at Alfred’s Tower, in Somerset and finishes at Ham Hill  below Stoke-sub-Hamdon, approximately 11 miles north of Beaminster.

Leland Trail way mark

The Trail uses definitive rights of way, tracks and lanes following in the footsteps of John Leland who travelled through South Somerset at some time during the period 1535-1543. John Leland was a scholar working for King HenryVIII as keeper of the royal libraries. In 1533 he was commissioned “to make a search after England’s antiquities, and peruse the libraries of all cathedrals, abbies, priories, colleges etc. and also all places wherin records, writings and secrets of antiquity were reposed.” As part of this mammoth task John Leland visited what is now South Somerset, first visiting Bruton and travelling south and west through Castle Cary, North and South Cadbury, Ilchester, Montacute and Stoke-sub-Hamdon.  

The entire route can be completed by the moderately experienced walker in 2 days.

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