Old Beaminster Hills Circular Walks (page not in use)

The five Beaminster Hills Circular Walks were created by the Beaminster Ramblers as their millennium project in 2000. They were published twice as pamphlets and have been so successful  that they have begun to run out. It has been decided to put the walks on to the World Wide Web to increase their availability. The maps are the same as in the pamphlets, but the descriptions of the walks have been updated.

The pamphlets are available from The Yarn Barton Office and the Cilla and Camilla shop in Beaminster.

The map below shows all the walks and the entire, longer, perimeter walk.

The map can be enlarged by left clicking on it.

 The walks have been extensively way-marked as shown left.

Walks 1 to 5 are shown on subsequent pages

Walk 1

Walk 2

Walk 3

Walk 4

Walk 5

Please be aware that some gates on these walks may appear to be chained and padlocked thus barring the way.   Before despairing and turning back, please check the chain as it may have a carabiner link (see photo below).  The chain can be opened by operating this carabiner, you can then open and close the gate and ‘remake’ the chain by closing the carabiner.


The Beaminster Ramblers want you to enjoy your visit to the countryside.Please remember that Dorset is mostly cared for by the farming community and it is your responsibility to follow the country code. This will ensure that walkers and farmers continue to enjoy the countryside together.

If walkers should encounter a problem on any of these circular walks we would like to hear from you.  Please contact a member of the committee (refer to Home page).


Guard against all risk of fire

Leave all gates as you find them

Keep your dogs under control

Keep to the public paths across farm land

Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone

Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls

Take your litter home

Help to keep all water clean

Protect wildlife, plants and trees

Take special care on country roads

Make no unnecessary noise